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About Us

Connect Kootenai is a nonprofit, community-based organization formed in 2014 to guide the creation of a shared vision for the future of Kootenai County. The Vision and Implementation Plan have brought the community’s shared vision to life through strategic actions fulfilled with and by community partners who are committed to Kootenai County’s bright future. The Implementation Plan is a living document that will continually evolve with the ever-changing resources, opportunities, priorities, and needs of our community.

Connect Kootenai exists to bring the Kootenai County community together to create a better tomorrow.

We envision a community where… Everyone has the opportunity to belong, thrive, and make a positive impact.

We engage, educate, and inspire our community to achieve collective and individual goals by focusing on six key areas that are essential pillars for a healthy and prosperous community.


Connect Kootenai: Community Conversations
Connect Kootenai: Community Conversations
  • Engage in Connect Kootenai Conversations! Discuss our region's future, connect with local leaders, and shape a united community. Be part of the change.
  • Monday Dec 11, 2023